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Data Security

At Logs and Ledgers, we have meticulously designed our processes to ensure the highest level of data secrecy and privacy.

  • We have a dedicated leased-line from the leading service provider team for our accounting clients.
  • All the work stations used by our accountants are restricted to ensure they only access the accounting software, requisite emails, and the official website of the taxation department.
  • Our office is equipped with the latest generation of CISCO firewall to ensure safety and security.
  • All our computers are equipped with the latest generation of Norton 360 Antivirus to protect important data from virus and malware.
  • All external ports are removed from the computers used by the accounting  team and are not linked with any printers to avoid leakage of information.

A dedicated locked clean room for our servers ensuring highest level of data security.

  • Endpoint protection — protects gateways to our network, including ports, routers, and connected devices. Endpoint protection software typically enables us to monitor our network perimeter and to filter traffic as needed.
  • Patch and Update — We only use original windows and update all the security updates which are provided by Microsoft on a weekly basis.
  • Whitelist WIFI Only — We only allow authorized employees to use our WIFI network to ensure data integrity.
  • Never Store Passwords — We have a ‘never store password policy’, to ensure no one stores the password or login portals outside the office premises.