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Reconciliation (Bank account, credit card, loan account)

At Logs and Ledgers we offer the Tier-A reconciliation services at reasonable rates.  We reconcile your bank accounts, credit card statements, and loan account statements with your current / personal accounts and ensure that every transaction is in compliance with your financial books.

Benefits of Reconciliation :

  • Monitors Finances
  • Prevents Unwanted Transactions
  • EMI Forecasting
  • Prevents EMI Bouncerates
  • Reduces the Scope for Overdue Charges
  • Helps in Claiming Tax Benefits

Reconciliation gives you an overview of the funds that you have used so far and how you can use the available funds in the right direction in order to grow your business organization.

It also helps in claiming tax benefits and tax deductions in compliance with the tax laws set up by the state/center administration.