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A successful business runs organization runs on the fuel of satisfied employees who are content with their paychecks. We offer industry-aligned payroll services with detailed reports and calculations of federal and state tax for both: the employer and the employees.

We offer the following Payroll services to our clients – 

Preparing and Running Payrolls: We at Logs and Ledgers prepare Payrolls for your business organization and ensure that all your employees are reimbursed for their services on time.

Payrolls Preparation and run

Payroll Tax compliance: At Logs and Ledgers, we carefully crosscheck all the federal/state Payroll Tax Compliance rules and regulations before running the payrolls.

Withholding Tax : We assist our clients with their Payroll Withholding Tax process so that their payrolls are released in tandem with the Federal/State’s Tax policies. Furthermore, we also provide the Withholding Tax reports to ensure security and transparency.

Calculation of Federal & state Taxes (Employer & Employees): Logs and Ledgers provides Federal & State Tax preparation and Tax Calculation services to its clients for both Employers & Employees.

Reconciliations: We reconcile your bank accounts, credit card statements, and loan account statements with your current / personal accounts and ensure that every transaction is in compliance with your financial books.

Monthly, quarterly and annual payroll tax reports: We prepare payroll reports for your business on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to provide you with detailed records of your payroll operations.